Team Building

Escape Game Team Building

Team building via escape games has many benefits:

Escape games provide an environment where participants need to co-operate, and work together to solve problems while under pressure for time. All teams are made up from a variety of different people, with different personalities.  Some people can struggle with problem-solving, other with confrontation, and confidence.  Some people are good organisers, other are good managers..


In a very short space of time it is very easy to see not only their strengths, but also their weaknesses, which can also aid in personal development. Escape room team building allows employees to practice work-related skills while having fun, and are a valuable tool for companies that want to assess their employees, grow their skills, and engage them.

At Doomsday Games we can provide a 90 minute experience for your staff team of up to 6 players (for more than 6 we will offer back-to-back bookings) and will provide detailed stats on how well your team worked together, including ratings for Logic, Time Management and Team Work.

Please find our corporate pricing below:

For teams of up to 6 in one booking, our standard escape game pricing applies (you can find this on our pricing page)

For teams of 6 or more across two separate time slots we can offer a 15% discount off of our standard pricing structure and back-to-back bookings. See how well your staff work in teams and learn how well skilled they are in Logic, Time Management and Team Work.

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